One Nation Under Paws

About Us

Our story about how A Paw’s Nation came to be is a pun-ny one. As a dog-loving epicurean, I wanted my furry friend to be able to indulge in the ulti-mutt delicacy and share these moments of pure joy together.

At first, the idea of creating a macaron safe for dogs with high quality human-grade ingredients seemed a bit far-fetched… But who says that our pets can’t appreciate the fine art of sweet confections too?

The challenge was creating them in a safe and healthy way that would be pup-ular without sacrificing quality, flavor, or sophistication. Then I was introduced to an experienced French pastry chef by a mutual friend. He was enthusiastic about working on this endeavor with us; and as we formed a more perfect union, I was paw-sitive that anything was paw-sible.

We embarked on our journey together with plenty of research on dog-friendly ingredients, nutritional knowledge, AAFCO guidelines, caloric value, glycemic index, and potential allergies and intolerances like gluten and dairy. Then we took to the lab to start developing recipes. We baked hundreds of samples for a trial by jury with doggie paw-ticipants of all walks of life. Many treats later, once the dogs gave us their woof of approval, we knew we had the paw-fect gourmet pastry.

We are beyond excited to unleash A Paw’s Nation, the 100% organic handmade French macarons for dogs that are almost entirely plant-based. Oui! We Shih Tzu not.   


Renaud & Matthieu


Our Values

We declare these four values to be our self-evident truths.
Our Declaration of Indepawdence.

Responsibility: Is Our Duty

We’ve put careful thought and consideration into these artisanal treats. At A Paw’s Nation, all doggos deserve the basics of life, liberty, and the pursuit of yappiness. We choose to work with responsible farms and local food cooperatives (co-ops) to obtain our wholesome ingredients. This ensures that we are supporting the local agriculture and small business farmers that need it most, for a genuine farm-to-treat product. Additionally, each order of macarons is packaged in locally sourced, recycled materials that not only look beautiful and represent our organic, sophisticated approach, but also help reduce the carbon footprint of our output to create them. This is a true testament to our environmental responsibility within our community.

Quality: Is Our Commitment

Discerning dog owners agree: we want the best for our four-legged friends. As a healthier alternative, A Paw’s Nation gourmet French macarons use the finest organic superfood ingredients (maple syrup, carob, raspberries, eggs, blueberries, strawberries, peanut butter, coconut butter) that are GMO-free, gluten-free, corn-free, and preservative-free for maximum freshness and nutritional value. In fact, since they are 95% organic, these treats are human-grade, meaning they are made with whole food ingredients that humans can actually pronounce and eat, like grains, fruits, and peanut butter. They’re tested by our team of human and canine experts in our FDA-compliant facility, making them of the people, by the people, and for the puppers. Our commitment to quality centers on this core philosophy: we wouldn’t give anything to our pets that we wouldn’t consider eating ourselves. It’s a dog’s world, after all, we just live in it.

Homegrown: Is our Sustainability

We believe in the right to peaceably assemble delicious treats that are homegrown in the USA. We are devoted to delivering a completely American-made product, with our French flair of course. Coupled with our value of responsibility, we work with both local and national sustainable farms. For example, our organic all-purpose, gluten-free flour is sourced from Texas, and our organic maple syrup comes from a Wisconsin co-op that supports forest regeneration. We also use seasonal fruit like farm fresh organic blueberries from Florida and other organic superfoods for optimal health benefits.

Sophistication: Is Our Heritage

From our elegant packaging to our delicious products, sophistication is at the heart of what we do. Inspired by our French heritage, A Paw’s Nation embodies the diverse melting pot and American dream of our homeland in the USA. Joining our Frenchie, we have his worldly friends the Australian Shepherd, American Fox Terrier, Scottish Terrier, German Shepherd, Chinese Pug, and English Bull Terrier. Together they form one nation under paws, indivisible, and with a commitment to taste and style. Using the highest standards of patisserie, our French pastry chef creates authentic, dog-friendly macarons that meet nutritional and AAFCO guidelines while looking très chic.