Premium indulgence: Pampering pets with superior quality

Delectable delight: “gourmetization” of casual eating

With the rise of pet status and owners’ desire to spoil their companions, pet mealtime is one of the best moments to share together.

More and more, pet parents want to fully indulge their animals by selecting highly sophisticated gourmet recipes that break the routine of their normal pet food while maintaining their good health.

To this end, manufacturers challenge their imagination by regularly launching innovative super-premium treats and foods.

Some companies incorporate select ingredients like prime cuts of meats to enhance classic formulas.

Other manufacturers develop new textures, such as creamy, crunchy, or fluffy, to improve mouthfeel and enhance taste.

For other players, “gourmetization” goes hand-in-hand with humanization. Clearly mirroring the pet owner diet, these innovations are erasing boundaries between human and pet worlds.

Thanks to the rise of pet food gastronomy, it’s no longer surprising to see packaging copy highlighting a delicate chef-inspired recipe.

Product shapes mimic a plethora of human foods, ranging from pizzas or burgers to more luxurious bakery goods such as macarons or pupcakes.

Another ongoing trend is products representing human consumption habits that aren’t for pets, such as wine, puppucchinos, or ice cream.