Carob, the 100% safe substitute to chocolate!

It looks so chocolate alike….and it’s so sans-chocolate. It’s carob, the chocolate substitute 100% safe and healthy for your dog !

For many dogs even a small bit of chocolate can send them running for the yard with quite the upset stomach or worse. The reason: chocolate contains theobromine and caffeine, two predominant chocolate toxins that dogs cannot metabolize as well as people can.
That’s where the naturally sweet tasting legume Carob can step in. Carob does not contain caffeine, phenylethylamine or formamide, and only a minute, harmless amount of the stimulant theobromine.

Carob makes a tempting, safe treat for dogs, whether or not they’ve ever snuck a taste of real chocolate. For chocolate loving dog owners at first glance, Carob dipped biscuits and treats satisfy our temptation to share our favorite nosh with our favorite pals.

The Carob is an eastern Mediterranean evergreen tree of the pea family. Originating as seeds from within the carob pods, Carob is hypoallergenic and can be powdered like cocoa, made into chips, or melted for dipping. Naturally sweet, means we don’t need to add sugar to sweeten like chocolate does. This gives us the look, texture and palatability of chocolate~ yay!

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